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Obesity Rates Rapid Ascend in US

Obesity rates continue to ascend in California schools, but physical exercise and nutrition programs may be using a positive effect on student health, a brand new study suggests.

To stay active and combat inactive behavior, UT Southwestern preventive cardiologists recommend taking short walks throughout lunch and throughout the day, using a measuring instrument to track daily steps, taking the stairways instead of the elevator, hosting walking conferences at work, and replacing a standard table chair with a fitness ball or perhaps a treadmill desk, if possible. A very healthful 70-year-old can safely participate in high-intensity activity while a frail 60-year-old needs to lower the intensity, inch said Graves. "My recommendation would be to work with a personal trainer or group head who has knowledge and qualifications to do business with the elderly. " Front squat drill down to improve torso position with Cherie Chan – video Tone Up is loving a happy and healthy lifestyle!

In the second part of the research, the researchers assessed the effect of the 12-week supervised exercise program on kidney function in 67 patients along with Type 2 diabetes. The program mixed aerobic exercise and resistance for a minimum of 30 minutes twice a week. Patients can exercise at home on their own, and around 50 percent exercised on one more time, Gandhi said. Before and after the program, the particular patients had a test of their kidney function, the estimated glomerular purification rate, or eGFR.

The best category – “very-low fit” : comprised men who could accomplish between two and four METs; “low-fit” were those who achieved four. 1 to six METs; plus “moderate-fit” was between 6. one and eight METs. The guys in the best shape could attain more than eight METs and had been considered “high-fit. ” Faselis great team emphasized that being match doesn't mean running marathons or even spending hours at the gym. In fact , individuals over age 70 with hypertension can lower their risk of perishing by walking for about half an hour the majority of days of the week, the experts said. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which combines repeated short rounds of intense exercise followed by brief recovery periods, is at the center of Plyoga.


Alcohol and Weight Loss

You might have read that drinking alcohol is detrimental to weight loss. It is true to some extent. If it is taken in moderation you will still be able to lose weight rather than gain it.

So let’s define moderation by defining what a drink is. A drink can be in the form of half an ounce of an 80 proof 40% concentration drinks such as vodka and whiskey, 5 ounces of wine or 12 ounces of beer. The typical calorie in each one is somewhere around 150 calories. There will be more calories in mixed drinks because of the sugar that is added.

The moderate amount for women is one drink a day, while for men it can be two. If you drink too much of it then weight loss will become difficult for you.

How Does the Body Treat Alcohol

Getting to know the metabolism of alcohol will shed light on why taking too much of it can affect weight loss. Since alcohol is toxic to the body, the liver turns its attention to breaking down the alcohol, to metabolize it and then eliminate it. Just one and a half drink is enough to divert 75% of the livers attention from burning fat to breaking down the toxic drink.

Besides not burning the stored fat whenever alcohol is taken, the liver also doesn’t burn the calories from the meal that was consumed at the same time. You will not think clearly after taking alcohol, which will lead to eating too much food and also eating foods that are high in calorie and saturated fats; food which are not good for you.

Typically you will eat the same deal of calories from the food you eat with the drinks as with the calories from the drink itself. Since alcohol is there to provide you energy, your body stores the excess calories as fat, not mentioning how it is not burning the already stored fat because of alcohol intake. That is the sole reason why drinking too much alcohol and weight loss don’t hang well; you increase calorie intake rather than reducing it.

Health Benefits of Drinking Alcohol in Moderate Amounts

Drinking alcohol in moderate amounts can actually be helpful for weight loss. Some of the health benefits of alcohol include decreasing the risk of the following diseases:

  • Heart disease
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer

It also does other benefits such as increasing the amounts of good cholesterol HDL, lower blood pressure and helping your immune system.

It should be apparent by now that moderate intakes of alcohol can be taken without any risk to your weight loss program. This can be done carefully by limiting your alcohol intake and having control of yourself to stop drinking more. You will stay clear if you do not exceed the right caloric proportion from alcohol.

mint leaves

How to Make Water Taste Better

Water is quite important for health, as we all know, however it is not very rewarding to drink plain water. Many people get less than the recommended eight glasses of water because they do not favor the drink. Let’s not forget the importance of drinking water when doing intense exercising and working out.

Is impossible not to recognize the importance of water and its role in the correct functioning of our cells. Cells are two-thirds made of water and helps carrying and moving nutrients around and allowing all chemical reactions that take place within a cell. It is safe to say that without water, the cell will not be able to replicate and multiply inside our body and will slowly die.

How can you make water more enticing and appealing?

Citrus or Cucumber

Adding one or more slices of some citrus fruit such as orange, lime or lemon to a glass of water will make the water more tasty and also offer some other benefits. In addition to that, you can also put a couple of crushed springs of rosemary as well; it will make it taste better and also look better.

Alternatively you can also add a slice of cucumber to your glass. Besides enhancing the flavor, the green rind covering the slice will be appealing to your eyes.

This drink is perfect when trying a new diet to lose weight. Not only will it calm your thirst but also prevent over-eating.

Green Tea

As well as for making water more tasty, you can also brew it into a green tea to enjoy the health benefits of it. Studies have shown that polyphenols present in green tea can help by doing the following:

  • Reduce high cholesterol
  • Relieve rheumatoid arthritis
  • Prevent infection
  • Help recover your immune system

Green tea is beneficial, whether taken hot or cold.

Mint Tea

Mint tea is another people’s favorite. It can be made by adding fresh mint leaves to boiling water. There are many health benefits of mint. One of them is the soothing of stomach which is upset by stress and another one is weight loss.

Mint tea incorporates a compound called theanine, which is shown to bestow a calming effect. Its diuretic effect helps with reducing weight; it will help excrete excess fluids from your body and thereby reduce body weight. Mint tea also got some amount of caffeine, which acts to increase endurance and thus can burn more calories by helping you stay longer in the gym.

Fizzy Water

Consume fizzy water such as Club Soda or Seltzer water. They are free of calories so you are not adding any, instead just some fruity flavors. Alternatively, you can make use of the soda machines to make your own fizzy water. Only add the bubbles, not anything else.

The notion of drinking 64 ounces of water per day is old fashioned now. Many nutritionists say that some of the water required are gotten from sources other than just water, such as tea, coffee, fruits and vegetables. Water in that form surely makes life more enticing.


How Effective is Juice Fasting to Achieve Lasting Weight Loss

Juice fasting has many benefits to our body but extended weight loss is not one of them mostly because juice fasting helps losing weight only to gain it back after some time. Moreover, it can create permanent damage to a person’s metabolism system and digestive tract. Juice fasting also loses efficiency whenever the person begins to eat again, that is why is not considered a long-term solution for weight loss.

Juice Fasting Main Purpose

Health specialists also do not recommend fasting exclusively with natural juices as a healthy solution for weight loss. It may help you lose weight very fast during the earlier days of fasting. However, the main purpose of juice fasting is to make you healthier by cleansing toxic elements from your body, not to make you skinny by burning extra body fat.

You might lose weight fast by starting a juice detox diet but is more important to have a healthier digestive tract. A healthier digestive tract might help your body absorb nutrients more effectively.

Juice Fasting the Right Way

juice fasting the right way

juice fasting the right way

A person following a juice fasting diet for a long time will lose weight quicker than a person doing juice fasting for a short time. However, it will be the second person the one who will be enjoying all the benefits of juice fasting.

This is because following a juice diet plan is originally meant for detoxifying your body, not for weight loss. Read the truth about detox diets in this article from WebMd.

Here, in the case of the first person, the weight loss will not last for a long time. In fact, the second person will enjoy a permanent weight loss because juice fasting for shorter periods will increase his or her blood circulation, hormone levels, energy, vitamin absorption and metabolic rate. To me, is like getting a car ready for a race. First, you start by following a juice fasting diet for a short term to clean your body from toxins, improve your bodily functions and get your body ready for phase 2.

In the phase two, you will follow with a healthy weight loss diet and regular exercise to start burning fat. I am not saying not to include fruit and vegetable juices in your diet, as a matter of fact, it is recommended to do so, what you should avoid is following a juice fasting diet for a long time, not a juice diet.

Please, make sure to consult with your doctor before you start any diet plan or cleansing procedure to make sure your health is protected. For some advice on how to stay healthy when fasting check this article: http://www.cnn.com/2013/01/23/health/anthony-fasting/

The Final Word…

fruitWe should all realize that no health problem, such as overweight, develops instantly. It takes a long time for a problem to start and appeared on the surface and be immediately visible to us. Similarly, the healing process also does not take place instantly. The body needs time to absorb and process the changes that any procedure brings to it. In reality, people should know that some weight loss goals, especially “fast” or “quick” promises, could not be achieved within a short time.

Responsible juice fasting (read about Joe Cross’ 3-day weekend juice cleanse here) is the only way to achieve permanent weight loss in a healthy way and improve your body’s health. Remember, before adopting any juice fasting diet or fasting plan, you should consult with your doctor. Juice fasting for weight loss should only be follow for a short period of time and only with the purpose of detoxifying your body and to get ready for a weight loss plan consisting of a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise.